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About us K Tech at Heart

K-tech might seem like a simple online store, selling cool tech related items. K-Tech was started originally when me the owner Christopher Limon was trying to make enough money so I could go see my little brother who lived 800 miles away from me. In my struggle to make money on my own I found two other people with just as much heart and drive to make money for good reasons. Leonel Jimenez is a 24 year old mechanic shop worker in Mexico, who was getting paid around 50$ a week. Leonel is known among his whole small town in Mexico as the most humble and driven man they’ve ever met. Leonel has a 4 year old daughter he takes care of by himself. He is devoted to bringing the best service he can possibly deliver with the love of his daughter driving every decision he makes for the better of the customer. Anibal Jimenez is Leonel’s brother that dropped out of school to start working on K-tech. This website for Anibal is his passion project and will go to great length for the customer satisfaction. We are all devote are lives not to building money, but into building the best brand with the best customer satisfaction all around. Our company does not revolve around us, but it revolves around you.